Harper’s Capitalist Failings

I have no problem with this. All of this is just more liberal chest-thumping and capitulation to the constant demands being made upon us by the dozens of different immigrant communities we now have here bringing their cultural fights to this country.  Pretty soon we will see them attacking each other in this country just like the Sikhs and Indians did in the Air India bombing.  If we start gauging every deal based upon Human Rights abuses and interfering in the capacity for private enterprise to function on a level playing field because one ethnic group or other makes demands we should throw away the key of our country right now and let them run the show.  Or we might as well just turn ourselves into a Cuba or Venezuela or, better yet, China.  Speaking of China: we do billions of deals with China and their HR track record is horrifying.


Think about this: we rail against the wild-eyed loony-toons in the Enviro movement when they seek to, and succeed, in blocking our oil companies from transporting our oil and gas thru safe pipeline so market because, according to them, our oil is dirty and unethical.  Give me a break: according to what measurement or standard made them judge and jury about the acceptability of our legal, economic-driving oil product. Hell, they are even now demanding, at the UN, that Alberta oil be called a Crime Against Humanity.  But this is the lowest common denominator liberals are always demanding we go to.  This is the exact sort of thing we will be dealing with if we let a bunch of narrow-minded liberal bigots decide who meets their arbitrary standards and who does not.


We need to go back to acting like a free market economy and an independent sovereign country without any obligation to interfere with other country’s business NOR should we fight their battles.  I am so sick and tired of Canada trying to act like the world’s conscience and spending all of our good will and resources, human and otherwise, trying to pretend we are so holier-than-thou.  The Muslim world creates 99% of the problems and human rights abuses in this world and the Christian world is expected to fix their self-imposed misery.  If this company is doing the business that their company has a legal right to carry out then they should be able to do it with whoever they want to do it with and there is no reason whatsoever that Harper, or Trudeau, either, should interfere with them. It would be a different story if the Saudis were sending these tanks, etc to attack Canada.  They are not.  If they ultimately use them against civilians is it there responsibility to second-guess that? Do you actually expect this company to examine every possible use of the products they sell every time they do a deal and decide that they may make a negative us of them so they can’t sell them there?  The product they build is, after all, a lethal product used in a way that will always have a potential for harm.  Dear lord, they might as well go out of business now.


If we want to be pissed with Harper we have lots of reasons to – how many times did he, or his Cabinet,  send huge omnibus bills to the Legislature wherein they hid all sorts of unpalatable changes along with desirable ones, just so he could get something passed that he didn’t want to be clearly and openly visible to the Canadian public – the bail-in provisions are a perfect example of that – one of Flaherty’s concoctions, the guy who was more “progressive” than conservative, as he told us.  This is one example where he was doing his job – making sure Canadian companies were not interfered with in their business transactions.  And just in case you think I am being a hypocrite you can look back; this is the same way I reacted to Harper’s ratification of FIPA despite all of the fear-mongering in the liberal media.  It is not the gv’ts job to interfere with Free Trade.