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Re: Threats, but not necessarily ‘hate’, Opinion,  (2018-01-19)

Today's letters: The hijab, and civility in political debate

I think Peter Boyle would do well to send his Opinion to the various and sundry Media and political opportunists who rushed to “milk”an obviously nuisance complaint and raise it to the level of international incident, rather than direct his admonitions to the Canadian people.

We did not create a hate crime out of a school yard incident, they did.  And they did this for all the same and predictable political purposes that we hear, ad nauseum ~  that we are a hateful people if we think that a person in a hijab should not expect privileged treatment.

By any standards, it was pure political exploitation to push this “innocent” young girl in front of a battery of cameras, journalists, and photo op politicians when it didn’t take a forensic scientist to know, immediately, that this was nothing more than a mistake or, at worst, a prank gone bad.

Sharon Maclise

Edmonton, AB  T5N 1A8