Saving Wildrose.

The history of the Wildrose Party may already be written, in ten short years.  The destruction of our Party is happening before our eyes, thanks to misguided individuals who, over and over, were able to find their way into positions of leadership and power while, at the same time, plotting and planning the destruction of the Party.

Why have they done this, you might ask? Was Wildrose just too principled to hold a place in Alberta’s political history? Was bringing political influence and empowerment into the hands of every Alberta citizen just too threatening a possibility for these insiders who were used to running Alberta politics purely for their own benefit? Were the same people, (you will see them crop up time and again in our political landscape), who have run the province for decades feeling threatened that perhaps their cozy little sinecure was over?  Was it proving to be too unnerving as Wildrose held up the mirror to the former years of PC power and control?  Were our members too determined to weed out the corruption that have become entrenched in politics in Alberta? Were they hoping to pave the way for re-establishing ‘politics as usual’ in Alberta? These are all questions, and more, that we have all been asking ourselves because, frankly, it is utterly baffling why insiders in the Wildrose Party, seeing the strength, resilience, and growing public acceptance of the Wildrose Party, watching its rise in the polls, its growing sense of self-confidence, would choose to take it apart in this corrupt and ruthless way.

In 2006 two talented, smart, and idealistic people, Rob James and Marilyn Burns, toured the province calling the several disparate conservative political Parties and movements to meetings hoping to convince those of us who were active in conservative political circles to unify our forces to start a new conservative Party to replace the increasingly disappointing PC Party.

Now we are in an existential battle for the life of our Party, not against opponents, but against insiders who have virtually taken all of the resources of time, energy and money that members have contributed over these ten years, and are using them to destroy our Party.  There are a few valiant people trying to fight back but with their hands tied behind their back, just as the “insider elites” intended.  

This website will chronicle the political battle for the life of the Wildrose Party and for the corruption from within, and without, that has ensued with the intention to destroy our Party. You will see discussion and questions, often unanswered, and key evidence here that show that political insiders from all three Parties: the Wildrose, the PCs, and, shockingly, the CPC as well, have conspired for years, and are now pulling out all the stops, to dismantle the Wildrose Party.  It will feature the words of brave people who are speaking out – and trust me, they are brave, because there are hundreds, perhaps thousands (we hope), who feel exactly the same way we do, who will not speak out.  Why not? We ask ourselves that every day but have few answers.  Do not be one of those people.  Please join us and speak out.

Please review each of the postings here ~ letters, editorials, commentary, etc., all chronicling the events that have led us to where we are now: a decision by members to accept or reject a Unity Agreement that we never asked for, never wanted, and that is now being imposed upon us because the people chosen to represent us choose to represent their own interests instead.

Then share this website with others.  After that, send us your own examples, ones we may have missed or not even known about, that provide further proof of the treachery that has gone into Destroying Wildrose.

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