Flawed thinking

All this drive to “unite the right” is a disaster.  A better rallying call may be to “untie the right”.  Unity is based on the assumption that the Progressive Conservative party is a ‘right wing’ party. It might be ‘right’ of the NDP but not by much, which is why in the most recent Progressive Conservative MLA defection was to the NDP, because the NDP are more similar to the PC’s than the Wildrose. The PC party attempted to be everything to everybody to stay in power, acting socialist (aka-progressive) and talking free market (conservative) and they were very successful at it.

Unfortunately for Albertans, the PCs became ever more progressive and less conservative, expanding the size of government, spending like drunken sailors to buy votes, making backroom union-type deals and stripping us of personal freedoms (property legislation for example). They talked conservatism, while increasing government and taxation. The only choice we had at election time was to vote against the PCs; the trap, more socialism and radical ideology, the very measures the Wildrose was established to champion against.

In the Wildrose, we now have a party that stands for individual liberty and a free market, and the party was normally responsive to its members. The grassroots members did not ask to merge with the PC’s and yet the leadership are urging us to vote to do just that.  Recently this whole process has been directed from the top and yet we are endlessly told that it is a grassroots party. Clearly, it is not.   Nor is the PC party with their leadership moving in direct opposition to their membership vote last fall: Not to merge with the Wildrose.

If the Wildrose members vote “no” to the merger with the PC party, we should be able to provide the Wildrose choice on the ballot. If they vote “yes” to the merger with the PC party we will be back to where we started; there will be no party to vote for if you want individual liberty, tax controls and a free market. The new party will be conservative in name only and socialist to the core.

Edward Goodliffe.  Busby.

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