Unite the Right – in context

I had intended to report on this Unite the Right resistance in a chronological manner, starting with the first hint of trouble in this initiative but, because I have been away and no one else has picked up the ball to chronicle all of our discoveries, debates and discussions, I do not have the time to put all of this in a chronological narrative.  I have decided, for ease of research, to enter things under “topic” headings.  This will also give you, the reader or audience, an ability to pick and choose what topic interests you and what topic you wish to overlook or bypass.  

Jean wants Wildrose members to welcome PCs:

Brian Jean was elected as Wildrose Leader in March of 2015.  The Alberta election occurred in May of that year.  The PCs were defeated badly, literally left with nine seats from a previous 72! nine of them Wildrose members who had crossed the floor to the PC Party in November of the previous year, leaving only 5 behind to form what was left of the Wildrose Caucus. 66 MLAs.  Wildrose increased their MLA count to 17 at the election and further, to 21 by this time this year. The PC Party was broke and demoralized and Wildrose, as official opposition, were quite encouraged by the response of the voters.

That year at the Annual General Meeting in November Brian Jean talked to the members about “widening the umbrella” of the Wildrose Party and inviting PC conservatives into our Party.  The members were enthusiastic about this idea.  Jean said nothing, then, about dissolving Wildrose or forming a New Party.  There was a vague reference to reserving Conservative political Party names to ensure that no New Party that the PCs may want to form would be able to use these names. The vast majority of us had no idea the implications of Jean’s inferences, nor did we care.  We knew we were the heir apparent to conservative politics in Alberta and that was good enough for us.  There was no mention, not a whisper, of dissolving the Wildrose Party and merging with the PCs.  The idea would have been ludicrous.  The PCs were broke, desperate to pay off debts and on the verge of folding.  It was a natural evolution, in our minds, that the conservative element of the PCs would join Wildrose and the Progressives would migrate to their natural home with the Liberals or NDP.

For more on this, please watch this video, of David Inschko speaking on this topic.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEPtWAz0Ya8


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